Civil Society

Civil Society Organizations are prominent and growing in Mexico. Like in much of the Western world they vary widely in function while remaining with the ultimate goal to increase awareness and citizen participation. More recently, organizations have demonstrated concern with the ongoing violence and citizen security in the country largely related to the drug cartels.

Many local and foreign journalists, especially those covering the drug wars have faced increased violence and threats, resulting in self-censorship of the process which has characterized Mexico as partly free-not free under Freedom House. More than 60 journalists have been murdered over the past 10 years.   As such, Social media has become a new medium of communication for many Civil Society organizations in the country and throughout the continent as an alternative and safer network for providing information and awareness.

Recent updates on Civil Society Organizations in Mexico

There have been several reports published on the ongoing work and growth of Civil Society Organizations in Mexico. An important one isA Snapshot of Civil Society in Mexico” by CIVICUS Civil Society Index. Contributors to the report include:  Mexican Center for Philanthropy and Citizen’s Initiative for the Promotion of a Culture of Dialogue

The report indicates that the complex development of civil society in Mexico has been marked by the political and social dynamics created by institutions as well as the unwritten rules of the party that governed for more than 70 years. Certain events have helped characterize the current state of Mexican civil society, such as the student movement of 1968, citizens’ efforts after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake and especially the movement surrounding the right to clean elections and multi-party democracy.

Compared to previous decades Mexico has a better environment for enabling stable growth of civil society, although this is impeded by recent worsening conditions of personal insecurity, which will undoubtedly have a direct effect on the sector’s structure in the coming years.

–> Below you will find useful information including blogs, journal, newspaper and magazine articles related to Civil Society groups and their engagement in Mexico.

What’s in the news:

Mexican Civil Society Groups say “No” to Drug War Militarization

“Mexico’s rapid increase in violence in recent years has generated the emergence of new social movements and civil organizations…”



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