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The four graphs below have been extracted by the Archivist to demonstrate tweet collections and simple data analysis from @MxLaPazMx. The four samples used are: (i) top users by tweet count, (ii) tweets by volume, (iii) tweets vs. retweets and (iv) source of tweets

Image 1: @MxLaPazMx – top users. The biggest user is mxhastalamadre, 25% which is the twitter account diffused by Javier Sicilia, leader of the movement. The purpose of this account is to serve as a bridge between the movement and the citizens. The other prime users are movimiento por la paz themselves and an individual account @Guepait.

image 2: @MxLaPazMx – tweet volume over time. The graph shows the tweet volume from 2/26 to 3/25. We see a slight peak at the end of February which reflects the three year death/disappearance  anniversary of Melchor “Vaquero Galactico” More information on Flickr The hashtag widely used at this time was #DondeEstan, a popular hashtag for @MxLaPazMx. The tweet volumes went down significantly from the period of 3/18 – 3/20 as there were no recorded tweets during this time. However tweets rose to a high peak after 3/20. This steady increase was due to the hashtag #Enloszapatosdelotro, the video that sparked emotional attention and awareness to the victims families. Many youtube videos uploaded to twitter from Mexicans living in Europe also highly participated to this peak. We expect the volume of tweets to reach another high peak on 3.28, as this marks the one year anniversary of the movement.

image 3: @MxLaPazMx – Tweets versus Retweets in percentage. We can see from the pie chart that the percentage of retweets are significantly higher than tweets (78.11% vs. 21.89%). This means that the the majority of content is not original, but that it reaches far into the network demonstrating that @MxLaPazMx is actively followed.

image 4: @MxLaPazMx – Source of Tweets: This pie chart illustrates where the tweets are originated. The Twitter website, which generates 37%, is the most popular method followed by applications such as Hoot Suite (20%) and Tweet Deck (16%).

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