Network Analysis

NodeXL is a useful tool for analyzing a movement’s network connections at various levels. It however has limitations due to Twitter controlling the amount of data that can be extracted at a given time.

The following diagrams have been created using NodeXL.

1. This diagram shows the network of users connected to @MxLaPazMx at a 2.0 level for 500 people at a time.

2. This diagram shows a cluster of connections to @RedGlobalPazMex. It shows everyone who is followed by the user and everyone following the user at a 2.0 level limited to 100 users. The blue lines highlight the main NGOs/movements  following Red Global por la Paz such as @TienenNombre, @elgritomas and @mxhastalamadre. The Fuschia lines reflect artistic driven movements such as @poetasporlapaz. The red lines, if visible are for @MxLaPazMx

3. This diagram shows the network of followers for @mxhastalamadre from twitter account Emergencia Nacional. They have over 16,000 followers consisting mainly of similar activist organizations and individuals fighting for peace and security. @mxhastalamadre is associated with @MxLaPazMx and was created primarily to act as a bridge between the movement and citizens.


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