Civil Society-Government Cooperation

Consejo Ciudadano:
Civil society group that coordinates, analyzes, and encourage citizen participation on security, justice, civic culture, and support for victims of crime. The group helps transmit information about citizen denunciations, including information on how to report safely, in coordination with the Federal Government. Consejo Ciudad also assists with implementing programs to improve security and improve legal services. More information can be found on their website (es):

ICESI (Instituto Ciudadano de Estudios Sobre la Inseguridad):
The Citizen Institute for Insecurity Studies is a civil association that collects and analyzes information on insecurity and crime in Mexico. The institute hopes that the information it collects on insecurity informs and improves public policy decisions (es, en):

INACIPE (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales):
Listed as an official alliance with civil society reform group México SOS, the National Institute of Criminology is a government-created forum created to generate ideas to improve the criminal and justice systems and to train specialists to manage these systems. It is integrated under Mexico’s Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) (es):


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