Media Network Analysis

Individual users who follow hashtags, such as #mtyfollow, are not bounded by the network connections that are seen with news organization Twitter networks. The information does not seem to connect users, and instead of organized information flow, you get a much more sporadic connection to a hashtag network, as illustrated below with our visualizations from #mtyfollow.

Image 1: #mtyfollow

Image 2: @CIC + #mtyfollow. @CIC is an organization that encourages civil participation.

Image 3: @erikam + #mtyfollow. This is a single user tweeting about security using the #mtyfollow hashtag.

Image 4: This image shows the nodes that are connected to the network and actively using the #mtyfollow hashtag. They are noted by black circles that are filled in versus open shapes, which use the hashtag but are not connected fully.

We’ve seen extensive two-way communication between news organizations and individual users on Twitter, indicating that news outlets seek information from their followers, but use their far-reaching networks online to disseminate and verify this information. There seems to be a three-step process by which all users in the network receive information. First, news organizations receive and disseminate, then they are involved in a conversation with users, and then those users spread it to their followers, resulting in complete information saturation within the network. The charts on @periodistasapie, included below, prove this information flow.

Image 1: Everyone in the @periodeitasapie network is connected and actively engaged with the network, unlike #mtyfollow.

Image 2: This is the first stage in how information is shared in the @periodistasapie network.

Image 3: This is the second stage in how information is shared in the @periodistasapie network.

Image 4: This is the third and final stage in how information is shared in the @periodistasapie network that connects everyone.


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