Twitter Analytics

Using the online analysis tool The Archivist, we are able to track Twitter trends overtime. Looking at the Twitter handle @periodistasapie, we are able to track the top users, top words used, tweets versus retweets, and number of tweets over time. We can then use the spikes in tweets on specific days to track the conversation that is happening in the Twittersphere.

Image 1: @periodistasapie top users, most of whom are individual users or organizations who are interested in the journalists’ network.

Image 2: Many of the top words used either by @periodistasapie or mentioning @periodistasapie are not necessarily valid in indicating the content of the tweet, such as “de,” “los,” or “una.” But of the words that are applicable to content, such as “investigacion,” “emocional,” “mexicanos,” or “convocatoria,” the types of information that is relayed via the Twitter platform starts to take shape.

Image 3: The tweets versus retweets of @periodistasapie. @periodistasapie’s presence on Twitter is retweets, versus original tweets, meaning that within the network, the majority of content is not original, but that it reaches far into the network. This is not uncommon for a news organization’s Twitter feed, to be the originator of content, which other users look to to disseminate information.

Contrary to a news organization or specific user, a hashtag will have more original content because it is used by multiple users for various purposes. A hashtag, like #reynosafollow seen below, will contain more original content.

Image 4: @periodistasapie tweets, archived from the past two weeks. Spikes in the graph indicate that more information or users are following the source.

Image 5: The tweets from the day @periodistasapie’s Twitter use spiked, March 21, 2012.

Periodistas de a Pie is an organization that facilitates discussions and workshops on journalistic techniques, experiences, reporting strategies and ways of approaching the difficulties in being a journalist in Mexico. They are committed to quality journalism and the rights of journalists.


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